Regional Spelling Bee

Student of the Month
Posted on 10/13/2016
Sept SOM cu

Congratulations to Mayra Correa

The fifth grade teachers of Toy Town

Elementary School agree that Mayra Correa

should be the first Student of the Month for the

2016-2017 academic year. Mayra is a

pleasant young lady, always coming into class

with a smile and friendly hello. She is engaged

in class discussions, focused upon any tasks

at hand, and willing to help others. Mayra

ALWAYS gives her best effort and is willing to

persevere even when an assignment proves to

be challenging.

Additionally, Mayra is a new student at Toy

Town Elementary School. As we all know,

moving to a new community can be both

exciting and daunting. Mayra has made a fine

transition to her new surroundings and is such

a positive addition to our school community!